US Open: Graeme McDowell hopeful of clear skies

Graeme McDowell is hopeful that weather does not affect the US Open, with rain expected on Thursday

Graeme McDowell

Former US Open champion Graeme McDowell is hopeful that the rain steers clear of Merion this week.

The region of Ardmore has received the aftermath of Storm Andrea, with more than six inches of rain falling on the course over the weekend.

With storms expected on Thursday afternoon, McDowell has supported the USGA's decision to host the US Open at Merion, but is wary of how the weather can affect proceedings.

"I hope the conditions there in Philadelphia are fast and firm and that the rains don't arrive to make it soft and scoreable.

"The USGA has been brave in taking it back to an old-school layout after such a long break. And it would be a shame if the modern pros butchered it."

The 33-year old Northern Irishman is a renowned scrambler (1st on the PGA Tour stats) and his accuracy off the tee has long been impressive (also 1st on the Tour stats).  

Whilst many players will want the scoring to reflect their long-hitting, McDowell feels the US Open should be about the game as a whole.

"The US Open is about testing every aspect of the golf game. And if Mother Nature obliges, Merion will do so and stage a great US Open. It'll be a unique place in major golf in so many ways.

"The game shouldn't just be about distance. But of course it's exciting to see this new power-packed breed come along, who first learn to hit a long way and then concentrate on accuracy afterwards."

All the McDowell fans will be hoping the skies stay clear and that all-round golf decides the US Open, not the weather.

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