At the 2014 USPGA Championship, some things are more important than others. For instance, what could be more pressing than what Rickie Fowler would pack into the boot of his car for a road trip

Mercedes-Benz, the official car of the 2014 USPGA Championship, has converted the concept into a stylistic triumph that has become a must-see exhibit at its Performance Centre here at Valhalla Golf Club.

When the good people of Kentucky are not straining their eyes to see if Tiger Woods is feeling the slightest twitch or twinge is his fragile back – after the former world number one finally arrived at the PGA Championship, at lunchtime on Wednesday – they are queuing up to peer into the boot of the new Mercedes-Benz GLA, filled with the paraphernalia of Rickie Fowler’s life. There is something biographical about it.

Mercedes-Benz asked Fowler to choose what he would throw into the back of the car, bearing in mind it had to fit within the cargo space of 43.6 cubic feet in the GLA (with the rear seats down). Fowler obviously included his Cobra clubs and golf bag, glove and balls, as well as three Puma shirts and a hat (that must have been difficult for Fowler to narrow down, because he routinely travels with five times as many shirts and caps, not to mention shoes and belts to complement every colour in the Puma collection), sunglasses, Beats headphones, Go Pro camera and a six pack of Red Bull.

All the essentials, then.

Robin Barwick travelled to the USPGA Championship courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz is the official car of the PGA Championship