Robin Barwick finds out about how proud Martin Kaymer is of Germany's winning World Cup side

This week at Royal Liverpool, Martin Kaymer has been enjoying the reflected glory of Germany’s World Cup success, and as he said earlier this week, he has been using it for inspiration.

More than that, the German golfer, who is personal friends with many of Germany’s World Cup stars, has had four stars embroidered onto his golf shirts at the Open, to represent Germany’s four World Cup triumphs. Germany’s World Cup kit featured the three stars for their previous three wins, and from now on, the national team will wear four.

“A lot of people have been congratulating me for what the German national team achieved at the World Cup,” said Kaymer last night, after he had shot 73, one over par in the first round of the 2014 Open. “I suppose I accept the congratulations! I think everyone agrees that Germany deserved to win in Brazil, and that Germany was the best team at the World Cup. That is why I am wearing the four stars on my golf shirt”.

Robin Barwick travelled to the Open Championship courtesy of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz is global sponsor of the Masters, patron of the Open Championship and official car of the PGA Championship