Get your weight transfer right and you'll start hitting more powerful golf shots


How To Improve Your Weight Transfer In The Golf Swing

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Keith Williams has three simple tips to help you improve your weight transfer for better shots.

1) This (below) is the ideal position to get into at the top of the backswing. Note how my chest has moved and coiled over the inside of my rear foot.

I have about 70 per cent of my weight on the centre of my right foot at the top of my backswing.

The transition should then start by allowing the knees and hips to shift first, followed by the upper torso.

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2) You can use alignment sticks to improve your awareness of loading and unloading weight through your swing.

At impact (below), all my weight has gone into the back of the ball to give me maximum clubhead speed and distance.

This sequencing has helped me move into a balanced finish with my body facing the target and the majority of my weight over my left foot (below).

3) I like to encourage anyone struggling with poor weight transfer to use this simple drill, with or without a club.

Lift your left foot as you swing back to get a better feel of the load moving onto your right foot.

Then, as you swing through, lift your right foot off the ground to help release the weight into your left side.

Instruction shot on location at Lumine GC in Spain. Photography: Tom Miles

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