GM Top 25 coach Keith Williams has three useful tips which may help you hit more fairways

3 Simple Tips To Hit More Fairways

1. Finish position

Accuracy off the tee can be helped by starting with a few basics.

Focus on making a balanced swing with a good weight shift, then getting up onto the right toe in the follow through.

See how I’ve made a full turn towards the target.

Everything is balanced and in control.

2. Alignment

It’s helpful to get a good idea of that initial direction of the ball’s journey and your shot shape.

Use a couple of alignment sticks down the range to create a gate.

I’d also recommend using face tape or spray to show how consistently you’re finding the centre of the clubface.

3. Use the tee box

Amateur golfers don’t tend to give the tee box enough thought and how it can be used to their advantage.

I’ve placed my ball to the right hand side so that I can play away from the trouble.

I’m aiming at the left edge of the fairway bunkers in the distance, as this is the centre of the fairway.

Just commit to your normal swing and trust yourself.

Caution: Erratic drivers of the ball often get stuck on the back foot. You need to complete the swing. I always say, ‘Square yourself up with your body’.

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