Who dares... swings

Take a leaf out of the SAS manual and prepare for victory

What you can learn from the special forces to help you play better golf...

When it comes to successfully performing under pressure, there are few people who are better trained to do it than the troops of our Special Forces. Let's face it, the kind of pressure that they operate under goes far beyond any stresses we may face on the golf course during a monthly medal!  The mental approaches that they have developed to perform at the highest and most dangerous levels, are also applicable to achieving peak performance on the golf course.

The Special Forces approach to each mission they undertake is built on what they describe as the "3 S's" State, Strategy and Skills. All three aspects are important, but ultimately the key is being in the right (mental) "state", to deliver your "strategy" and "skills". Ensure that you create the right mental states for yourself on the course by learning to manage your thoughts and imagination better. It's what players like Rory McIlroy do and you should be doing similar. Here's Rory explaining how he became a champion:

If your mission is to conquer your golfing demons and play to your full potential this season, then adopt this Special Forces-inspired plan and put the enemy at bay.

Stage 1 Set objectives for your mission. Know what you want from your game. What are your goals? What do you want to score?

Stage 2 Do a "recce" of the terrain you have to tackle. Course reconnaissance is vital to avoid silly mistakes so do your homework. Remember Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Stage 3 Get into the right mental state. Whatever you are doing in life, you do it better when you are in the right state of mind to tackle it. Identify the mood in which you play your best golf and work actively to create it.

Stage 4 Select the right tools for the job. Course strategy is vital you must select the right club for every shot, not just "blast away". Your choice should be based on your past experiences, and the results of your "recce".

Stage 5 Play your shots without fear. If you have got your mental state and course strategy right, you should be able to let your golfing skills shine through.

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