GM Top 25 coach Ged Walters shows a drill to help you with a more neutral shot shape


How To Stop Pushing Your Irons To The Right

One of the most common reasons for pushes and blocks is poor clubface control.

The way the wrists move in the swing has a direct influence on the face.

Take a ruler and place it under the fastener of your glove so it runs flat against the back of your hand and up the start of your forearm – as shown here.

Now, make a backswing.

‘Sweep’ the club away without changing the lead wrist angle.

Most golfers who push and block would feel the ruler start to dig into the hand and forearm as the lead wrist tries to ‘cup’.

Then, as they move down, the clubface is open.

This is what we want to avoid

The ruler flattens the wrist and gets the clubface in a more neutral position.

If we can keep that feeling all the way down, the clubface will follow more in the circle of your swing, rather than be off and out.

Don’t worry about hitting balls initially.

Instead, rehearse the swing in stages so you’re aware of the ruler and what this says about the position of the clubface.

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