Many golfers struggle with a slice. Here our top 25 coach John Jacobs has some advice to help you straighten it up...

3 Tips To Stop Slicing Drives

1 The slice often stems from cutting across the target line, which not only sends the ball curling off to the right, but also robs you of distance and power.

A good place to start is to exaggerate things the other way to give you a feel for the right movement, as in this drill, where the feet aim off to the right but everything else is still aligned to the target.

This will help to groove the correct upper body movement.

2 Another great way to grasp the correct feeling is to think ‘close and away’.

You need to get the feeling that your arms are staying close to your right hip on the way down, and then moving far away from your left hip as you swing through.

Thinking ‘close and away’ gets your arm path following your swing path and will stop you getting too cramped and pulling the club around your body as you swing through.

3 In my final drill, set an alignment stick right of your target line about six feet in front of you, as in this photo.

Draw a line on your ball and align it to the stick, while keeping everything else aligned to your target.

Now try and swing towards the alignment stick.

The combined visual cues here should encourage you to swing out to the right more and reduce the unwanted left-to-right spin.

Shot on location at La Cala Resort

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