The Zoom Aqua Control Glove has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list thanks to its unique one-size-fits-all design

Zoom Aqua Control Glove

Price – £19.99

Tech Talk

There is no industry standard for a golf glove size, meaning that you might be one size with one brand and a completely different size with another, which can make it difficult to know what to buy. The leather options feel soft and provide good grip, but don’t typically last as long as the avid golfer would like.

Zoom set about conquering these frustrations in the form of the Aqua Control. It benefits from unique FLEXX-FIT technology, essentially a Lycra-style section on the back that incorporates a mix of flex zones to fit the contours of a golfer’s hand.

This ensures the glove feels like a second skin as it should and will fit the hand of any golfer. It truly is one size fits all.

Developed with former Austrian Tour player Marcus Brier, the Aqua Control also features premium kangaroo leather on the palm, which is twice as durable as traditional golf glove leather, while still fitting all sizes and delivering the grip golfers demand in dry conditions as well as performance in the wet.

The Zoom Shape-Fit maintains the perfect shape of the glove, staying wrinkle free round after round and providing a perfectly secure connection to the club.

It comes in four colour options to suit your preference and there’s also a Grip (£14.99), Weather (£11.99) and Tour (£19.99) option, the latter featuring softer cabretta leather.

Game Booster

Using soft-feeling gloves can be an expensive pastime so it’s nice to have a glove that lasts a bit longer, putting less stress on your wallet.

The Aqua Control doesn’t feel quite as soft as cabretta leather and there’s a fair bit going on visually, but the grip is excellent in different weather conditions and the design means it can cater for nearly all hand sizes and shapes.

The Lycra section makes it very breathable on hot days and it is generally very comfortable to wear – a genuine game-enhancing innovation in a category that’s difficult to get excited about.