Sun Mountain Finn Cycle has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Sun Mountain Finn Cycle

Price: Rental on request

Tech Talk

The Sun Mountain Finn Cycle is a motorbike-style alternative to the traditional golf buggy said to enhance the fun and enjoyment during a round and also provide the potential to speed up play.

It runs off a powerful lithium ion battery and has a top speed of 15.5 mph. It also boasts two disc brakes, front and rear suspension, a downhill speed limiter and weighs around 80 pounds. It is operated by a thumb toggle on the handlebars, where the front and rear brakes are located, and has a golf club shaped stand for keeping the Finn Cycle upright when stationary.

Game Booster

It must be said, not only is the Finn Cycle incredibly fun to use out on the course it is also very simple and idiot-proof. It takes no time at all to get your balance – it really is like riding a bike – and it went through thick rough with ease.

You might worry about the grass-friendliness of the tyres but you don’t need to as the rear wheel features the same style of tyre that features on golf course maintenance equipment like industrial mowers.

When it comes to speeding up play, the jury’s out. Two-person buggies can slow down play if your balls finish 50 yards apart. If everyone at the course was using a Sun Mountain, or if you were first off, your round time would unquestionably speed up significantly. But otherwise, you would need everyone in your group to rent one and it would involve playing through a lot of groups if you’re to see a real impact on pace of play.

That said, the Finn Cycle is undoubtedly a new and exciting product that could transform the way we play our recreational rounds. There are 50 coming to the UK towards the end of October so be sure to keep an eye out for one at a club near you and don’t miss out – give one a try!