The GolfBuddy WTX+ GPS Watch has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list thanks to some key design upgrades

GolfBuddy WTX+ GPS Watch

Price: £219.99

Tech Talk

The GolfBuddy WTX+ builds on the success of the WTX with a number of technical and aesthetic features that have been added to further strengthen the product. A key advancement is the improved antenna strength, which speeds up the time for courses to be located.

This technical development means users will get an even quicker yardage should they stray off line.

A further upgrade has seen a stylish new strap introduced with a new metallic finish for the bezel.

In a competitive market place, a great emphasis has been placed on improving the aesthetics with more golfers wearing GPS watches off the course.

However, golf-wise, the WTX+ continues to impress, too, with its simple and fast touch user interface and GolfBuddy’s Dynamic Green View providing pinpoint distances from a golfer’s position.

The water resistant WTX+, which comes pre loaded with approximately 40,000 courses, provides distances to front, centre, back and hazards, shot distance measurement and offers pin position selection.

On course updates are simple via Bluetooth and the unit is able to receive smartphone notifications. With additional fitness features, it also boasts some significant benefits off the golf course, too.

Game Booster

There’s no doubting this is a stylish-looking watch, one that looks as good in the gym as on the golf course.

As we’ve all become more health conscious, fitness watches have grown in popularity, although its versatility hasn’t affected any of its punch as a golf GPS.

The full hole view and key yardages, as well as quick and accurate measurements from any fairway – even the wrong ones – means users can dial in on their target with confidence.

By moving the pin position, more skilled and confident golfers can also get the precise information they need to shoot lower scores.