The Golf Gamebook App has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

Golf GameBook App

Price: FREE

Tech Talk

This free mobile app provides the platform for an exciting online community for golfers to connect and share their experiences wherever and whenever they are playing. One of its key functions is allowing golfers to share their scores, adding theatre to the weekend fourball or golf society day. It has a wider use, too, for golf clubs and tournaments, adding a new dimension to the game.

This new way of bringing golfers together is one of the reasons why Golf GameBook has partnered with the European Tour to create a Ryder Cup game ahead of the 2018 contest. It will enable fans across the world to re-live iconic Ryder Cup matches by putting themselves at the heart of the action.

Besides offering golfers an excellent way to interact, it doubles up as an effective game-improvement tool. Once you’ve downloaded the app and started playing you’re free to build your own profile, collect and analyse a whole host of statistics, all of which help you to build a better picture of your performance and where you need to improve. It’s an extremely clever concept, yet simple to operate. If you’re going to get your phone out on the course, make sure you have this app – it’s highly addictive and great fun.

Game Booster

Golf is that little bit more exciting when there’s something on the line, where there’s a bit of competition involved.

This app will appeal to a wide range of golfers looking to add an extra dimension to their friendly match, but it also records stats, a huge personal benefit in terms of helping you to identify where your game needs work. It’s free to download but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s anything other than one very professional application.

In a wider sense, this technology helps celebrate all that’s good and appealing about the game.