The Game Golf Live has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

Game Golf Live 

Price – £139

Tech Talk

Game Golf Live is a wearable, real-time shot tracker for both iOS and Android smartphone platforms.

A small, lightweight device is worn on the player’s waist and individual, feather-light sensor tags are attached to the top of the grip on each club to capture performance data.

You can track and record your stats in real-time, on your iOS or Android phone, while you play. Or, leave your phone in your bag or in the clubhouse and Game Golf Live will record the stats to review post round.

The GPS rangefinder gives yardages to front, centre and back of greens plus bunkers and hazards on over 33,000 courses worldwide.

Game Golf Live records performance data on every shot and then, provides info on tee shots, approach shots, short game and putting. This gives golfers a detailed way to analyse their game and to develop data-driven practice sessions.

There’s also an excellent tips section to interpret the data and help pinpoint improvement opportunities. A comparison is made between the data from a user’s recent rounds and a benchmark of gathered stats, displaying how many strokes are lost driving, in fairway play, chipping and putting.

Game Booster

First thing is to say that the device itself is lightweight and discreet and you won’t notice it during your game, neither will you be aware of the lightweight tags in the end of your clubs.

The GPS rangefinder information is solid and gives you a quick and easy picture of what’s ahead of you on the course.

The data collected by the system is extensive and can give you a useful picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your game. It’s also great for giving an idea of how far you hit each of the clubs in your bag.