The FootJoy Tour-S Shoes has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list because of its combination of stability with comfort and style

FootJoy Tour-S Shoes

Price: £220

Tech Talk

The Tour S is designed for stability and according to FootJoy, is the most stable shoe it has ever made. Compared to the D.N.A. Helix, the cleat positioning is even wider to maximise ground force, which in turn creates power with control during the swing – something those who generate a great deal of clubhead speed will benefit from.

The soft foam collar around the ankle and tongue also help keep the foot secure, as does the Power Strap on the upper. A raised section under the heel also stops the foot moving around. A carbon fibre piece in the centre of the outsole, meanwhile, provides stability in a lighter way than the traditional metal shank.

FootJoy Tour-S Shoe Review

FootJoy’s ‘Launch Pods’ house the cleats and whilst impressive to look at, leaving you in no doubt about their traction function, they are constructed in a way so not to cause a distraction. The outsole is made from Pebax, a material often used in football boots – and it’s helped make the Tour S much lighter, which also aids comfort. Whilst geared for stability, none of the shoe’s style has been compromised, the feature-packed offering coming in four smart yet athletic styles, one in Boa lacing.


Game Booster

Whilst not all golfers will benefit from owing such a stable pair of golf shoes, those who generate a lot of clubhead speed as well as golfers who tend to possess more lower body movement through their swing than others, would benefit a great deal from the stability on offer in the Tour S.

The stability is a huge plus, but this premium product comes in a lightweight and extremely comfortable package, one that will perform round after round and in the harshest of conditions, especially with a new waterproof PPL leather from Pittards.