The Bushnell Excel GPS Watch has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch

Price: £219.99

Tech Talk

Bushnell Golf packs a punch with its feature-jammed Excel GPS watch, which integrates Bluetooth technology with the manufacturer’s App.

It means users can receive course updates without the need to sync to a computer. It’s Bushnell’s most advanced, user-friendly watch, providing easy-to-read front, centre and back distances, giving golfers the confidence to play the correct shot every time, whether that’s attacking an accessible pin, or playing to the centre of the green.

Bushnell Excel GPS Watch Review

Up to four hazards feature per hole, helping golfers to keep their ball in play and steer clear of danger. Furthermore, the auto brightness and adjustment gives golfers no excuses for picking up the wrong yardage.

The Excel does not require any membership fees and comes pre-loaded with over 35,000 courses. It’s able to pick up its course location automatically, without lengthy searches. In addition, users can receive smartphone notifications such as calls, messaging and calendar reminders, and with the Integrated Fitness Step Counter, golfers can keep track of their own mileage.

It’s also possible to play three rounds before recharging the battery, perfect for those busy summer months on the fairways. There’s a white option available, as well as black, both of which ooze style.

Game Booster

For golfers who like confirmation of their yardage without too much fussing, the Bushnell Golf Excel is well worth trying.

Lasers and handhelds may provide more detailed information, but with a quick glance at the wrist, this watch covers the key yardages. This is often enough when playing your home course and even when teeing up somewhere new, where a little course guidance is all that’s required.

It gives users the best chances of choosing the right club or avoiding unseen hazards from the tee – saving shots in the process. With Bluetooth, it’s also possible to keep in touch with your playing partner who’s running late, without the need to keep checking your phone. All in all, the Excel is an excellent all-round offering.