BJM Kotahi Putter Grip has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

BJM Kotahi Putter Grip

Price: £39

Tech Talk

The BJM Putter grip isn’t simply a grip, it’s actually a total putting system. This innovative oversize grip features a teardrop shape encouraging your hands to wrap around the rounded back, creating a palms-up position.

By looking at mechanical movements that create efficient positions for the putter head and face, BJM developed a system to reduce inconsistency.

The system reduces the available mobility in the joints of the hands and arms to create consistent, effective putter head motion.

The Kotahi grip comes in two sizes – Standard; 14” length, 1.25” width with a weight of 100g and Undersize; 12” length, 1.125” width with a weight of 65g.

Game Booster

Anyone who struggles at all with the dreaded “yips” should give the BJM Kotahi Putter grip a try. The grip encourages a different hold on the club, turning both palms upwards and thereby reducing the mobility in the joints, the hands and the forearms. By changing the way you hold the putter, the feel is totally different but it’s immediately natural and you understand the objective of this shift. There are far fewer moving parts and so potential for unwanted movement of the putter head is greatly reduced.

Here is how BJM putter grips could improve your game: They could help you to find a more consistent stroke arc and length, to reduce face rotation through the stroke, promote thoracic rotation and shoulder use and take your troublesome, twitchy hands out of the equation. Overall, by changing your technique, the grips could help you find greater consistency in terms of both stroke and strike.

This is an incredibly simple way of changing the way you putt. Moving the hands to “palm up” encourages an amazingly stable and repeatable motion through the ball. If you struggle with the putter, or simply fancy a change, this grip could change your golfing life.