There is a general feeling of disbelief and confusion on the European side of the media centre this morning. Just what is Faldo playing at? In what world can he think it’s a good idea to drop Westwood and Garcia? – a pairing that’s unbeaten in their last 9 Ryder Cup foursomes matches and managed to scrape a vital half yesterday morning.

Just what strange whim has led him to believe that Oliver Wilson should make his debut in foursomes alongside Henrik Stenson? I could see them as a possible fourball partnership but I have my doubts that they will gel in foursomes. And, they’re facing Mickelson and Kim – basically, they’ve got no chance.

Jimenez and McDowell – again, who knows how they’ll get on together? Maybe Faldo does, but I doubt it. They take on Mahan and Leonard, the star pairing for the US yesterday. If this European duo were a pair of cats hovering around the gates of hell, I’d seriously recommend they didn’t go inside.

Poulter and Rose are about to lead us off. I really can’t understand the amount of trust Faldo’s putting in Poulter. Well, I can actually. He’s attempting to justify his decision to pick the Englishman ahead of Darren Clarke. It seems to me Faldo is far more intent to prove himself a great captain than he is for his team to win. What he seems to have forgotten is that in order to be considered a great captain, your team really has to win.