Neil and I have enjoyed a great Thursday out and about in Valhalla. The atmosphere has been fantastic all day long and the fans have generally conducted themselves admirably. We’ve heard some pretty amusing stuff through the day though and thought we should share some of the best quotes:

“The European team has a guy called Oliver Wilson? Who the hell is he, a member of parliament? Nick Faldo’s butler?” – Rick Reilly on ESPN radio.

“Where’s your Tiger gone?”  – Sung by the European crowd around the first tee at 7.30am this morning.

“Where’s Luke McDonald this week?” US fan by the 17th green.

“He’s practically taken a brass-rubbing of this green.” – Andrew Cotter on Padraig Harrington after he took roughly three days to read his birdie putt at the 16th.

“There’s a reason why no Scandinavian has won a Major – They’re too nice. And Faldo has three of them on his team!” – Rick Reilly again.

“What do you mean you’ve run out of XXXL?” – A generously proportioned chap disappointed by the selection in the merchandising tent.

“God it’s hot today!” – Neil to a chap from Arkansas called Justin by the 11th tee.

“You call this hot?!”  – Justin.

“We got half a point, it’s actually a point as they lose half a point and we win half a point.” – Lee Westwood displays his own brand of logic after the foursomes.

“Get in the jug!” – An interesting variation on an old classic.

“Do you guys wrestle orang-utans too?” – John Inverdale to a group of Boo Weekley fans.