Excitement levels are really building here. There’s an incredible number of people out on the course already and supporters of both sides are giving it their all to display their allegiances. We’ve seen numerous US flags – some being carried others emblazoned across typically tasteless polo-shirts. But, we’ve also spotted a couple sporting Union Jack caps and a group dressed as Leprechauns. We stood for a while around the practice areas and were amazed by the huge throngs of people hovering to catch a glimpse of the players.

There’s a different atmosphere here to any other golf tournament. A sort of nervous, excited tension hanging in the air. Everybody is more pumped up than for an Open or another strokeplay event – people are here to watch the golf but, more importantly, their here to see their side win…. Come on Europe!

Some exciting news for Neil and I is that we are going to find out the pairings for tomorrow morning’s foursomes matches before it’s formally announced to the public. Paul Azinger is scheduled to give a press conference at 2pm and he’ll be followed by Faldo at 2.45pm, they’ll reveal to the press who’s playing and in which groups. But there’ll be a press embargo on that info until 5pm (10pm your time) when the official announcement will be made.