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Titleist Vokey Spin Milled SM4 wedges


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A new scoreline measurement technology has allowed Titleist to produce more precise face and groove cutting for its Vokey Spin Milled SM4 wedges. This allows the grooves to be manufactured to the conforming limit to provide optimal spin. The face is heat treated to increase durability. The shape is inspired by the original Vokey 200 series. The head is slightly larger than the original. Spin Milled wedge dimensions change depending on loft.

The Titleist Vokey Spin Milled SM4 wedges will suit dedicated players after a versatile set of wedges

This is the second conforming generation of Vokey wedges and there are clear advancements here. The spin control from the fairway and the sand is impressive and closer to the old non-conforming designs. Titleist wedges always impress with the number of bounce, loft and finishes on offer and the Vokey Spin Milled SM4 is no exception. The range of sole grinds on offer could really help around the greens.

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Beautiful looking wedges in a huge number of custom options. The flight on full shots is superb. Those still using old-style grooves might want to stick with them (for now) for maximum spin. PGA Pro Verdict A new, improved and slightly larger teardrop design that looked great at address. I also liked its appearance from any position the blade was placed in. Spin was maximised by the new improved grooves and feel was both solid and consistent. The 50° model I tried felt particularly good from sand and when trying to hit low-flighted pitch shots. Another great product from Bob Vokey. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs