Golf Monthly's Mizuno T7 wedge review, a new model said to offer longer-lasting spin control without losing out on a soft feel

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Mizuno T7 wedges


  • Excellent levels of control with a soft feel and two stunning finishes and every loft provided to help more precise gapping


  • The sole grinds could have been more pronounced on the higher lofts


Mizuno T7 wedge


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Key technology
The T7 is the first Mizuno wedge to benefit from boron infusion, which makes the clubhead material much stronger for longer-lasting spin control. The shape becomes more rounded as the loft increases to suit more open-faced shots. A more precise milling tool allows the loft-specific grooves to be cut tight to R&A limits.


Will Suit
Golfers who want high levels of control in a tour-proven shape that lasts for longer.

GM Review

The T7 is a muscleback design that looks stunning, whether you choose the white satin or blue IP finish. We enjoyed the change in profile as the loft increases, moving from an iron-like shape in the lower lofts to a more rounded design in the higher lofts, providing versatility.

A common complaint among golfers is that the control you get from fresh wedges wears off too quickly. Mizuno claims to have solved this, although the proof will come months or even years down the line. We experienced excellent feel from these wedges, despite the addition of the boron.

The T7 provides a low launch on full shots – something that will enable a better control of ball flight and is a sign of more spin being created at impact. We were amazed by how much check we were getting on the second bounce, even on short chip shots, which means you can be more aggressive from different lies.

There are a wide variety of lofts available to help your gapping, and using the wedge optimiser as part of Mizuno’s Swing DNA fitting system will help you cover all the distances you want.


Time will tell if the control is longer lasting, but the initial levels of feel and spin were exceptionally high from a wedge that looks superb regardless of the chosen finish.