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Cleveland CG15 wedge


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Clubhouse Golf

The CG15 wedges maintain Cleveland’s classic shape but this is combined with a revolutionary new technology. The face of the wedge has four laser-milled lines between each groove, which are created to the maximum conforming roughness limit. This rough surface optimises the friction between the face and the ball to maximise spin. This is aided by the Zip grooves that help to move dirt, grass and moisture away from the face. A new ‘S’ shaped sole design gives added versatility and extra forgiveness on open face bunker shots. Available in four bounce options, three finishes and lofts ranging from 46° to 64°. The Cleveland CG15 wedges should suit golfers who are looking for maximum spin, want a classic head with modern technology, and like a range of finish options.



These provided extremely impressive amounts of spin from all types of lie, with the ball seeming to roll up the face and give plenty of stop. This encourages you to be aggressive, particularly on shots from the rough. Three great-looking finishes and numerous bounce options mean you can customise a set of wedges to meet your personal preverences.