We test PowaKaddy's new flagship electric trolley for 2020, the FX7 GPS, which boasts new features and a completely redesigned frame

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PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley


  • Folds up and down with incredible ease while the battery spec and ease of use has improved considerably. Impressive display that is easy to navigate.


  • Adjusting the handle height remains a fiddly process. Hazard information could be clearer.


PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley


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PowaKaddy FX7 GPS Electric Trolley Review

PowaKaddy’s top-of-the-range electric trolley for 2020 has undergone a significant makeover, all designed to make it easier to use and more beneficial to the golfer. You can read more about the design updates here.


We tested the PowaKaddy FX7 GPS over multiple rounds in conjunction with the new Dri Tech cart bag

It starts with the assembly process, which has become much quicker thanks to the new frame design, which is sleeker, more modern and streamlined. The FX7 GPS can genuinely be put up from folded with ease in under three seconds. With one click, the two moving parts fold/unfold together and secure in place automatically. A big improvement.


Admittedly, the FX7 GPS doesn’t fold down overly small for storage and transport, but PowaKaddy offers the CT6 GPS for golfers that want GPS functionality on a compact-folding trolley.

Ease of use has also been stepped up with the new battery design. The previous version on the FW7s GPS was sometimes difficult to remove, especially in cold weather, while the on/off switch on the underside was both confusing and inconvenient. Now, the on/off button is larger and displayed on top, making it much easier to access and the larger removal latch makes it stress-free to take out.

You can also keep it in place when folded down and the fact it slots in seamlessly without any cables definitely removes unnecessary faff. You do need to remember to turn the battery on when charging though.


Once set up, the trolley detects the course you’re on quickly and displays all the relevant info clearly. Other than remembering the tap the screen twice to access the features, it couldn’t be simpler. The screen is now larger, easier to read in different light conditions and houses lots of useful features. The front, middle and back distances proved to be generally accurate overall and updated quickly.


Hazard info is available with the double tap of a corner on the screen, although once again it would be nice to have two numbers showing distances to reach and clear them. You can even input your score and measure your shots.

The fixed ring around the main button stops you from knocking it accidentally very well. There are a lot of speed settings inbetween the nine shown, so it takes a longer turn of the dial to move up or down significantly, but this allows it to better match your walking pace.

The light-coloured handle does show dirt up more than if it was black and you have to use a separate tool (provided) to adjust the handle height, although you only need to do this once. Once familiar with how it works, the FX7 GPS was an absolute joy to use.


This futuristic trolley brings useful, strategy-enhancing features while taking away any stress from cumbersome logistics. Access to critical distances at a glance lets you focus on more important things like selecting the right club and removes the need for an additional GPS device. Undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge electric trolleys around.