PowaKaddy Compact C2 Electric Trolley Review - Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests out PowaKaddy's new compact-folding model over the hilly terrain at the London Club

Product Overview

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PowaKaddy Compact C2 Electric Trolley


  • It's stylish, compact without being clunky or time-consuming to put together and comes with the appropriate amount of features to please the majority of golfers.


  • Found it was sometimes easy to knock the main button and set the trolley off when folding it down with the battery in place.


PowaKaddy Compact C2 Electric Trolley


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PowaKaddy Compact C2 Electric Trolley Review

Key technology

After more than two years in development, the PowaKaddy Compact C2 electric trolley boasts an innovative ‘Simple-2-fold’ system that allows the trolley to be put up and down in two simple movements, folding down to a compact size. It has a full colour widescreen display with battery meter and speed display, automatic distance function, a special compartment for balls, tees and pencils above the trolley handle and an integrated scorecard holder. The Plug ‘n’ Play battery system removes the need for any fiddly wires or connectors.

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How we tested

We took the Compact C2 to the undulating London Club and tested it over 18 holes on the Heritage course, assessing the ease of assembly and use, the features on offer and general performance.


GM Review

It will take you a few attempts to master the assembly process, but once you’re familiar with it you should be able to erect and dismantle the trolley in 3-4 seconds.

We feel like there’s an appropriate amount of features on offer for most golfers. The three adjustable handle heights and USB Port will be very well received by both taller and shorter golfers.

The soft-touch, double-ended handle enhances the control you have, assisted by the smart low-profile wheels and sleek frame.

powakaddy Compact-C2-inset

Performance summary
The Compact C2 completes a comprehensive 2017 range from PowaKaddy, which now includes a cutting-edge GPS model. Those short on space either in the car or at home will welcome its design as well as how light it is, making transportation simple.

The folding mechanism shouldn’t put you off as it’s quick to grasp while the screen display, which is the same as the new FW5i model, offers all relevant information in a format that’s easy to digest. Being able to keep the slim line lithium battery in place when folded reduces faffing in the car park after a round and the ball and tee holders top off what is a sufficient list of useful features.

The true test of the battery will come years down the line, but the Plug N Play batteries have always run beyond our expectations. What you will also notice straight away is how smooth and quiet the trolley is over the terrain – there is little to distract playing partners or those on adjacent fairways when walking to your next shot.


It’s sturdy, robust and stylish in its looks, has a folding mechanism that's quick and easy to grasp and saves on valuable space both at home and in the car. Plus at this price point, it really will tick the boxes for most golfers.