The Motocaddy S1 trolley is the company’s basic electric model designed for those who want to simple, reliable performance.

Product Overview

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  • The Motocaddy S1 Trolley featuires the company's Quickfold mechanism and it is a triumph. It improves the simplicity of a trolley for those who want stress-free performance.


  • Has none of the added extras you’ll find in the S3 Pro but that’s reflected in the price!


Motocaddy S1 Trolley


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Motocaddy S1 Trolley Review – Key Technology

The Motocaddy S1 has been revamped for 2016 and features a new Quickfold mechanism, soft ergonomic handle, nine speed settings, low profile wheels and whisper quiet motor. The trolley is also compatible with the easylock bag system that fixes the bag to the trolley for a more stable ride.

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Motocaddy S1 Trolley Review – Our Feedback

I will be honest and say that I am not an electric trolley user. The reason for this, more than anything else, is I find them to be something of a nuisance during 18-holes, often preventing you from walking exactly where you want to. The Motocaddy S1 however, is as easy and faff-free a trolley as you will find. Let’s start with the Quickfold mechanism – it’s brilliant. In just three moves you can fold the trolley right down and whilst you’ll need a reasonable amount of room in your boot, it is light and easy to pick up. The version we tested had a lithium battery that only improved the easy of use. The days of lugging an incredibly heavy battery in and out of your car will be over if you invest in the slightly more expensive Lithium battery version. It also comes in an extended version for those who regularly play more than 18 holes. it is also worth noting that it is quicker to charge than the lead acid alternative.

Motocaddy S Series Bags

The new soft touch handle is also excellent and makes moving the trolley around tricky areas incredibly easy. The speed dial has also been well designed ensuring the trolley always seems to find an easy walking pace no matter how hilly the terrain. Ultimately it is the simplicity and easy of use that makes this trolley so impressive!


Electric golf trolleys can offer features that some golfers never use. If you’d fall into that category, a basic design that helps you get out onto the course with minimal setting up, is the best option. The Motocaddy S1 is a fantastic electric trolley, especially with the more expensive but lighter and more reliable Lithium battery.