Watch and read this Golf Monthly Motocaddy P360 push trolley review to see our thoughts on the first Motocaddy model to have a large console unit and rotating front wheel

Product Overview

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Motocaddy P360


  • This trolley is extremely easy to steer and push thanks to its lightweight frame, large wheels and soft handle design. The new console is also very practical and is a huge improvement on the bag design on the old Motocaddy push trolleys.


  • Both the ball marker tool and the tee holders on the console unit are very fiddly to use, while the frame only comes in one colour option.


Motocaddy P360 Push Trolley Review


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Motocaddy P360 Push Trolley Review

Key Technology
One of three new Motocaddy models for 2017, this is the only one that has a 360° fully-rotating front wheel to help you to access tight spaces and weave around bags.

Multiple storage options include an under-handle net, built-in drink holder, a scorecard clip, an integrated accessory compartment, an umbrella holder attachment and holes for carrying balls and tees.

Rather than a smaller front wheel, you’ll notice the P360’s front wheel is much larger. This provides a smoother ride and makes it easier to push, plus it stops mud kicking up onto your golf bag during the winter.

Thanks to a simple one-step folding mechanism, it was ready to use in seconds, while its ergonomic handle has an adjustable height to make it comfortable to hold and easy to steer.

The Motocaddy P360 push trolley also boasts a foot-operated brake, quick-release wheels, adjustable bag supports and the brand’s EASILOCK base that removes the need for a lower bag strap when paired with a Motocaddy bag.

Motocaddy P360 trolley

Motocaddy P360 Push Trolley Review
Straight from the boot you know you’re using a well-designed trolley. The unfolding mechanism was really intuitive and it genuinely took seconds to assemble.

While very useful in many situations, we found the rotating front wheel did take some getting used to, especially when steering down bumpy paths. Thankfully you do have the option to lock it in position using a switch on the side of the console unit if like us, you prefer more traditional trolley steering.

The console unit itself is arguably Motocaddy’s biggest achievement with this push trolley. The previous Motocaddy push model – the S1 Lite launched in 2013 – had an insulated food and beverage pouch that sat between the wheels, but this often got covered in mud during the winter and couldn’t keep your gear organised. The new console design (below) is a much better alternative.

Motocaddy P360 Push Trolley Review

As you can see above, there are bespoke spaces for spare balls, your drink and your tees, as well as a clip for your scorecard and a covered compartment for your phone and any other valuables.

Underneath the new console design sits a net, which during testing we used to look after our rangefinder between shots, which was a much quicker alternative versus going to and from our golf bag.

Another big improvement on the old Motocaddy S1 Lite push trolley comes via the new soft touch handle, which is incredibly comfortable to push, unlike the hard plastic of its predecessor.

It’s also worth noting that this is a stylish looking trolley. The red accents give it nice detail, but otherwise it’s quite understated, which we liked as it means you can pair it with any trolley bag you want.


This trolley is a massive improvement on the old Motocaddy push trolleys, offering a much smoother ride with many more features that are all easily accessible via the console.