In this Nike Golf Air Max 97 G shoe review, we test a pair out on the golf course to see how it performs over multiple rounds.

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Nike Golf Air Max 97 G Shoe


  • It’s an iconic look that can be worn on and off the golf course and is comfy and stable under foot.


  • It’s a relatively niche design that perhaps favours style over substance.


Nike Golf Air Max 97 G Shoe Review


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Nike Golf Air Max 97 G Shoe Review

The Air Max 97 is very much a niche shoe that will split opinion. If you’re a trainer fan of a certain era, you’ll remember that the original Air Max 97s were the first Nike shoes to have an air bubble that ran along the entire length of the shoe. It’s a classic, iconic look – and you’ll probably love these. If not, there’s a strong chance you won’t enjoy the aesthetics of the Air Max 97 G.

As well as that bubble, the construction of the upper with the mesh stitching and inset laces is a nod to the original shoe. It looks cool and you’ll be able to wear them off the course as well, but it is going to be tricky to keep them clean and it’s not waterproof so you wouldn’t want to wear them in wet conditions, like for winter golf.

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The sole of the shoe is pretty thick so you’re a bit higher off the ground than with most other golf shoes, which goes against the desired feeling of being close to the ground when you swing.

It’s a spikeless model and the Integrated Traction System on the bottom has rubber cleats pointing in various directions that offer good traction as you walk and swing. The stability from the upper is also surprisingly solid, helping create a stable base.

They’re very comfortable straight out of the box with no wearing in required, although they are a little at the heavier end of the spectrum. That’s in part due to quite a lot of foam in the upper, tongue and around the collar as well as under the foot, which contributes to the snug and comforting fit.

The Air Max 97 G is available in the classic silver bullet colourway, as well as white and black versions.


The Nike Golf Air Max 97 G is all about turning an iconic trainer into a golf shoe – and Nike succeed in doing this. The aesthetics and features remain very true to the original and it performs well as a summer shoe with good stability and traction. It’s not going to be for everyone but if you like it, you’ll probably love it.