Inesis Summer Golf Shoes

We look at the colourful and flexible Inesis Summer Golf Shoe

Inesis Summer Golf Shoes
(Image credit: Decathlon)
Golf Monthly Verdict

These are a great option for a summer shoe; light, breathable and they're designed to stay comfy throughout the round. And, with five colours to choose from, there's something for every taste

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Outstanding value with some colours particularly low priced

  • +

    Great looking particularly the white/indigo option

  • +

    Super comfortable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    You'll want more protection in bad weather

The most obvious feature of the Inesis Summer Shoe is the comfort and flexibility. They look like they’re built for comfort and the whole process is targeted that way. 

Looks wise the Y-shape, across the heel and ankle, is the signature of the shoe and looks fantastic on the two-toned snow white/deep indigo shoe and this adds plenty of ankle support and comfort thanks to it being lined with a high-density foam.

There are five colour options; the coral red (pictured), white/indigo, black, navy blue and grey and they come with a two-year guarantee.

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Inesis Summer Golf Shoes

(Image credit: Decathlon)

The sole is the story here with three parts to it. The EVA part boosts cushioning and is spread over the entire foot and particularly on the heel which makes for maximum comfort. The beauty of the EVA sole is that it provides the best shock-absorbing qualities which is why they’re great for shoes and it’s light, flexible, has high elasticity and it can take any colour.

The TPU (polyurethane) part ensures a strong grip and, because of its lightweight design, it remains flexible and and supple and is resistant to slipping. With the Inesis Summer Shoe there are six moulded, oversized spikes and a coloured main part. 

The third part of the sole is the rubber which, again, helps with a great grip and is softer so good for flexibility. There are two horizontal grooves under the sole make the shoe more bendable while the front part is asymmetrical with the extension of material on the outside helping with the stability in the swing. The rounded front of the sole has been designed to move with your foot at the completion of your swing.

And, as the name of the shoe suggests, they’re designed to deal with hot temperatures. A 3D mesh material keeps the shoes ventilated and keeps out any humidity. 

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