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  • These shoes come in a range of colours that will suit any occasion and will hold up in any condition.




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Clubhouse Golf

Available in five other colour combinations, they each have a classic Footjoy design with all the cutting edge, technological benefits you’d expect from the most popular shoe manufacturer on Tour. Footjoy have made the very bold claim that their Aqua f.l.e.x. shoe leather is the most advanced in the world, offering breathability and total waterproof protection. And as they come with a two year waterproof guarantee and are one of the most popular, comfortable golf shoes around we’re confident they’re telling the truth. As an added bonus, there’s extra breathability. The inside of the shoe features leather linings for a comfortable fit.


For £110 you'll get an excellent pair of shoes that are as durable as they are comfortable. As they are both breathable and waterproof they're suited to winter and summer conditions.