In this Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham putter review, we put the mallet-shaped model through its paces over multiple rounds.

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Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter


  • Promotes a smooth and stable stroke and the high-MOI shape instils confidence over testing six-footers.


  • The head shape won't be to everyone's tastes and the aesthetics fall short of premium.


Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter


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Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham Putter Review

Wilson Staff isn’t a brand that’s necessarily known for its putters, but its Infinite family of flat-sticks has received widespread acclaim since being launched in 2018.

One of the more recent additions to the putter line is the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham – named, like the other models, after a neighbourhood or landmark in the company’s home city of Chicago.

Chicago is known for its glitz and glamour and that’s mirrored to an extent in the Infinite Buckingham. Traditionalists will perhaps be put off by the futuristic design, but the technology packed into the mallet shape certainly helps deliver a smoother and more consistent stroke.

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This is principally delivered through Counterbalance Weighting – comprised of a heavier head and grip weights – which is designed to move the balance point closer to the hands. From stroke one, it’s clear the combination of counterbalancing, a high-MOI head and a thicker grip works. 

The Infinite Buckingham is extremely stable through the strike and impressively twist-resistant, which instills confidence over the ball, especially when you’re lining up a testing six-footer but even more so on longer putts when the stroke gets longer and things can go awry.

Interestingly, heavy mallet putters are usually known as being an asset from close to the hole but weaker from long range, but that wasn’t the case at all here. Over multiple rounds, the number of 30-foot-plus putts we cosied up to the hole side was more than with my regular flat-stick. 

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The most impressive feature of the putter is the smoothness of the tempo it facilitates. The weight of the putter head really helps produce a pendulum-like motion and the low point is consistent from green to green. The head has also been treated with an anti-glare finish, which repels the sun and helps emphasise the three white sightlines on the flange that aid with alignment.

The feel off the double-milled face is also pleasant. It’s more of a soft, gentle thud than a high-pitched ping, but there’s plenty of power to boot.

It’s not the perfect putter, though. On top of the head, there’s a lot going on, which can be a bit distracting. What’s more, the three sightlines – which don’t provide the most premium aesthetic – will divide opinion.

That said, the Wilson Staff Infinite Buckingham delivers tangible performance benefits and comes in at a very attractive price point. It should be considered by golfers of all standards looking to save a few pounds on their next flat stick.


An impressive offering given the price point. It's a putter that is easy to align and undoubtedly improves the quality of results regardless of how consistent your stroke is.