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TaylorMade Ghost Spider putter


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The TaylorMade Ghost Spider putter replaces the TaylorMade Rossa 
Monza Spider putter. TaylorMade continues to make all things white by making their entire new putter range the same 
colour as their woods range. This helps make the oversize head a lot less distracting than the original Spider. The stable feel of the putter remains the same.

A putter this size is never going to score high in the beauty stakes, but the new white look suits the shape of the head. The black alignment lines also stand out and help set everything in line. The white head update has been combined with a standout spider grip and a quality-looking sole design. A new webbing design on the headcover also catches the eye and gives added appeal.

A steel wire frame is designed in a way that means most of the weight is situated in the perimeter. This makes the head resistant to twisting and keeps the ball online on slight mishits. The white head is designed to contrast against the turf to make it easier to see where the face is aimed. It also removes both glare and hot spots, which can be distracting on a sunny day.

The TaylorMade Ghost Spider‘s ‘Basketball Court’ alignment markings on the crown of the head are there to help line the putter up on the intended target. These marks stand out on the white head. The Pure Roll insert helps to get the ball rolling end over end and reduce skidding. This should help players with the consistency of their distance control, particularly on 
long-range putts.

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The large head takes more getting used to from outside 15 feet. Those who have used smaller putters will need to adjust to the head size and weight, but the design will aid consistency. For short putts is where Spider putters have always excelled and continue to do so here. The large head gives an added confidence boost. It is easy to tell when the putter is aimed off line. TaylorMade has always impressed with the Pure Roll insert. This version helps to get the ball rolling immediately off the face. Weights in the back of the head can be changed to modify feel. You will almost immediately know whether this putter will suit you visually or not, but there is no denying that it feels very stable in the hand and will help those who struggle from short range. PGA pro verdict I am a great fan of mallet putters, as I feel the balance is always better. This was no exception and the extreme peripheral design improves consistency. It does, however, have a slight distraction issue, as there is so much going on. This will probably diminish over time as the player gets used to it. The face had different strike sounds, which I was a little unsure of. 
By Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs