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Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Notchback putter


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1) Head options There are six classic Newport head designs in the Select range, as well as a number of mid-mallet GoLo designs (standard and belly) and the high moment-of-inertia Big Sur (belly and broom handle). All feature a new black finish.

2) Grip The Pistolero grip was inspired by the design of a hammer grip and feels fantastic in the hands. It’s now used by around 80 per cent of professionals with Scotty Cameron designs on tour.


3) Face design The milling on the face of the new Select range is deeper than previous Cameron putters and the result is ?a softer, tour-preferred feel at impact. It’s been designed this way to differentiate it from other Scotty models.

4) Head design The Notchback is a new addition to the Cameron range. The classic Newport 2 design features two notches on the heel and toe of the head. This will please those who need help with alignment and lack confidence in taking the putter back on the intended line.  


5) Shelf appeal After using a new Select model for three weeks, it has attracted more attention from other golfers than ?any club I’ve ever used. The black finish ?and beautiful lines of the head combine to create a stunning putter.  

6) Address view Many will still opt for ?the classic shape of the standard Newport 2, but the Notchback will aid alignment without dramatically changing the head. The alignment line is subtle, so isn’t really for those who struggle with accuracy.


7) Feel: The new deep-face milling gives a noticeably softer feel at impact compared to previous generation Scotty Cameron putters. The solid impact sound, combined with a soft feel, is outstanding.

8) Roll: The 4° of loft and face design produce a beautiful roll time after time. Precise weighting in the head gives the feeling that you can simply let the ball get in the way of your stroke, making this a putter that works particularly well on quick greens.   

9) Forgiveness: Due to the compact head design, this model will highlight any major faults in your stroke. The new GoLo mallet designs will provide more forgiveness if you struggle on the greens and lack confidence from short range.

10) Distance control: The consistent roll and compact head of the Select model mean that if your stroke is pretty solid you will find impressive distance control.


PGA pro verdict: "This made a striking first impression. It?s a beautiful putter that?s weighted brilliantly and sits very square at address. The notches make it a cross between a blade and a mallet, which I really like. The clean look, with just one simple alignment line, will appeal to a lot of golfers. I also loved the deep milling and feel on offer." - Top 25 Coach John Jacobs Test team rating: Performance: 4.5/5 Visual appeal: 5/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5