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  • This is a putter with great feel at any length.


Ping Redwood Anser review


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Clubhouse Golf

Redwood is a new range of milled putters featuring classic Ping head shapes. The 303 stainless steel heads are designed to provide a slightly heavier, more solid feel. The heads are 100% milled to fine tolerances for precision and to create a classic look. The rich black-nickel chrome colouring, also used in Ping’s Tour wedges, provides the finishing touch.


A lovely look to this classic-shaped Ping putter, and a great feel off the blade on any length of putt. Enjoyable to use and everything you'd expect of a Ping putter at this price point. Felt it could prove an extremely useful addition to the bag. Excellent. Where next? More On Test: - Ping Craz-E putter review - Ping Doc 12.5 putter review - Ping G5i Ug-Le putter review Galleries: - Ping Karsten Anser putter pictures - Ping iWi Anser putter pictures