The Golf Monthly test team review the Anser 2 model in Ping's Cadence TR putter line, which comes in two different weights to match your stroke's tempo.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 putter


  • Performance across the face has been made more consistent, in a classy-looking offering that feels soft and controllable.


  • The forgiving groove design will take a bit of getting used to as the ball runs out a little more than a flat-faced putter.


Ping Cadence TR putter review


Price as reviewed:

£138.00 (non adjustable) to £188 (counterbalanced adjustable)

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Ping Cadence putter review:

Key technology
Ping’s new range of putters is designed to suit a range of stroke types and feel preferences. Face inserts of varying weight are available – a traditional weight for golfers with mid to fast tempo strokes and those who need help on long putts, and a heavy version to suit slower tempo strokes and those who need help on short putting. True Roll grooves return, with varying depth and width across the face for added consistency. There are eight models and a range of options, including adjustable shaft length and counterbalanced putters.

Will suit
Players lacking consistency and distance control when putting.

Shaft & head options
Non-adjustable £139; Adjustable £163; Counterbalanced non-adjustable £164; Counterbalanced adjustable £188


The Ping putter line was already advanced, thanks to adjustability, counterbalanced options and head shapes designed specifically to suit different stroke types. This all worked brilliantly alongside the iPing putting app, which can be used to determine the right type of putter for your game. The brand has moved things forward again with different face weights that really do change the feel of the putter. There isn’t another off-the-shelf putting range out there that offers more options than the new Ping line. If you can combine these options with the iPing putting app, you’ll find a model that best suits your stroke and personal preference.