Odyssey Metal-X 2-Ball Putter

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10 Point Test Report: Odyssey Metal-X 2-Ball Putter

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Golf Monthly Verdict

PGA pro verdictI'm a big fan of the 2-Ball and use one myself. It sits beautifully behind the ball and is easy to align. The black finish here helps to concentrate the mind on the 2-Ball design to make alignment even easier. The insert gave a slightly firmer feel off the face than previous models, which ?I liked. The grip feels superb. By Top 25 Coach John JacobsTest Team RatingPerformance 5/5Visual appeal 4/5Innovation 4/5Value 5/5Overall 5/5

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1) Head options - There are currently ten recognisable Odyssey head shapes available in the Metal-X line-up. These range from the Phil Mickelson-inspired #8 blade to the confidence-inspiring D.A.R.T and classic 2-Ball designs.

2) Grip - The Lamkin 3GEN Piston grip is made from a soft synthetic rubber compound, which is designed to reduce vibration without dulling the feel off the face. The grip is thinner than average and extremely soft.


3) Face design - The aluminium insert features oval depressions designed to lock with the golf ball dimples to increase friction and produce a consistent roll. A urethane layer behind the aluminium helps provide the feel at impact, and saves weight in the face to aid performance.

4) Head design - Since the original 2-Ball putter was launched in 2011, the white disc design has become a familiar sight on courses around the world. It's designed to make alignment easier, as well as helping to deliver the putter square at impact, thanks to the way that the head is weighted.


5) Shelf appeal - Following feedback from tour players, a new midnight black finish was added to help reduce glare. It also gives a classy overall look when combined with the eye-catching silver face.

6) Address view - The black finish also means the white discs on the 2-Ball stand out even more to aid alignment. The shape and size sit nicely between oversize mallet and blade designs.


7) Feel - This insert is noticeably firmer than Odyssey's popular White Ice offering. It feels similar to a non-insert milled putter, which is reassuringly solid and will work well on all green speeds.

8) Roll - Most brands are now looking to produce a putter that offers a smooth and consistent roll, and the Metal-X insert works well to achieve this. Even on slow greens it doesn't feel as though you have to force the head to get the ball to the hole.

9) Forgiveness - One of the great things about the 2-Ball is that it will appeal to all golfers, from beginners to professionals. It offers plenty of forgiveness, to help square the putter through impact, but isn't enormous to look down on.

10) Distance control - The combination of a forgiving head with a consistent roll can only help with distance judgement. The head isn't so big that it becomes difficult to use from long range.

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