Golf Monthly's 2017 Scotty Cameron Futura Putters Review, a new range of premium, high-MOI mallets designed to provide forgiveness and a soft feel

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Scotty Cameron Futura Putters


  • The super-soft feel will be enjoyed by all and while the stability and high levels of alignment assistance make starting the ball on line a much simpler task.


  • The price tag may be a stumbling block for some and the split design of the headcovers make them a touch fiddly to slide on and off.


2017 Scotty Cameron Futura Putters


Price as reviewed:


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Key technology

On the 2017 Scotty Cameron Futura range, a wrap-around face-sole aluminum piece is combined with a heavier stainless steel body that moves weight back and to the perimeter to increase the putters’ resistance to twisting and increase stability and forgiveness.

A built-in vibration dampening system between the face-sole component and the frame produces a more responsive feel and feedback. Each model is completed with customisable stainless steel sole weights and stepless steel shafts. We tested the Futura 5W, which has wing style alignment aids that frame the ball, and the Futura 6M, which has a pop-through “bar back” design with deep heel-toe weights for higher MOI.

What’s available?

There are seven models in the new Futura range, including a Dual Balance model (£355) that has a 50g heavier head and a 50g counterweight in the grip for players who benefit from counterbalancing.

2017 Scotty Cameron Futura Putters Review

How we tested

We tested the 5W and 6M models on the course at West Hill Golf Club, assessing how well the crown design helped with alignment and our ability to start the ball on our chosen line, the weighting and stability of the putter as well as the sound, feel and roll of the ball from different strike locations on the face.


The premium silver mist finish reduces sun glare and oozes class while there’s ample alignment help thanks to the two white sight lines that rest on the black centerpiece that also help frame the ball.



The feel is definitely softer than most putters you’ll try and the resulting sound is a very subtle ‘pop’ at impact. The feel in your hands is enhanced by the tacky, mid-size matador grip.

Scotty Cameron Futura grip


Stability is the key feature you’ll notice after a few long putts. The face-balanced perimeter weighting is such that they basically swing themselves on a neutral arc. Mishits didn’t affect pace or accuracy significantly.


Providing the ultimate in feel, looks and putter forgiveness, the Futura range is a must-try for any mallet or aspiring mallet user. There’s lots going on at address to help your alignment without looking busy or distracting plus they boast a premium, polished look from every angle. The super-soft signature Scotty Cameron feel will please the senses of all who experience it while the grip genuinely improves the feel and clubface control. The roll, forgiveness and class will soon make concerns over price disappear.