GolfBuddy Aim L10V Laser Rangefinder

Our verdict on the GolfBuddy Aim L10V Laser Rangefinder

Golf Monthly Verdict

Backed up by UK based customer support, the Golf Buddy Aim L10v is sure to be a hit among golfers and is well worthy of consideration, especially if the audio function appeals.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Has a host of useful features that are easy to access, plus the unique audio mode for golfers that struggle with their sight.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Vibration when the flag is detected lasts too long.

In this GolfBuddy Aim L10V Laser Rangefinder Review, Joel Tadman tests it on-course over multiple rounds to decide who it benefits most.

GolfBuddy Aim L10V Laser Rangefinder Review

Laser rangefinders have a tendency to offer very similar features and so at the end of the day, your buying decision often comes down to price. But the Golf Buddy Aim L10v model offers something a little bit different from the rest.

Perhaps your eyesight isn’t the best or maybe you find the best golf laser rangefinders difficult to get to grips with. Well on the Aim L10v, golfers have the option of the distance to the flag being spoken to them.

The unique audio option in the L10V gives spoken confirmation of distances, providing extra confidence and ease of use to the golfer. Golfers of course have the option to disable spoken distances if they want to use the Aim L10v in a more traditional way.


It's a compact design but it isn't too lightweight and fitted well in the hand, although those with very large hands might find it fiddle to use.

The three targeting modes – standard, scan and pin – can be employed depending on the situation, and 6x magnification ensure precisions and clarity of results through the excellent visibility of the wider LCD screen.

With a slope on/off button positioned under the eyepiece to provide increased accuracy for various elevations that can be disabled for competition use, it really does tick all the boxes a golfer looks for, making it one of the best GolfBuddy rangefinders you can buy. It even features automatic shut off after 10 seconds when unattended to save on battery life.


We found the spoken distances marginally sped up the process of getting the distance to the flag and it’s loud enough to hear, even on windy days, but not too loud to disrupt playing partners or golfers on other holes in relatively close proximity.

When the flag is picked out, a vibration gives you an extra dose of reassurance although it does go on for longer than it needed to. We also like having the battery meter in the display so we know when a change of battery is required.

This laser rangefinder offers golfers everything they need, plus a little bit more, at a more than competitive price.