XXIO Prime Irons

We test the new XXIO Prime irons, the latest clubs from luxury Japanese brand XXIO, and see if their performance matches the price.

XXIO Prime Irons Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Previous XXIO irons have generated outstanding feel, sound and performance. This latest model is consistent with that mantra, feeling nice and solid on centre impacts. Mis-hits were less forgiving in our testing, though. If you prioritise looks and have some extra cash, consider the Prime.

Reasons to buy
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    This brand is one of the best-kept secrets in America. XXIO makes gorgeous, great-performing clubs, and these irons are no exception.

Reasons to avoid
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    Better players may get frustrated with the thicker sole of the longer irons. Mis-hits can sting at times.

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In this XXIO Prime Irons Review, we test the latest clubs from this luxury Japanese brand and see if their performance matches the premium price tag.

XXIO Prime Irons Review

One of the priciest irons in golf, the XXIO Prime game-improvement model is crafted to be super lightweight. That in turn, helps you generate clubhead speed for better distance and overall performance.

Because of that weight, it’s specifically designed for seasoned, ageing players with moderate swing speeds. Think mid-lifers who may have lost a little shot length in recent years.

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Each clubhead has two slots cut behind the titanium clubface that act as flex zones, amplifying ball speed for more distance especially on low strikes.

XXIO Prime Iron

Those work in concert with a floating weight pad that optimizes launch angle. The shafts are also ultralight, but there’s a high balance point. This counterbalancing is a result of brass and rubber weights in the butt end of the shaft.

According to the company, this helps push the clubhead up through the backswing for a more consistent top-of-swing position. And as you begin the downswing, the weight brings your hands into position, keeping your arms closer to your body for a squarer face at impact.

In XXIO’s estimation, that results in a 13 percent tighter impact pattern in which you’ll hit the sweet spot more often. Whether it works or not, it’s a great sales pitch.

XXIO Prime Iron

We can confirm the light feel of the club, in our testing. But we aren’t convinced that it translates to extra distance. Shots went the general distance we expected from like-lofted irons but not noticeably longer. And that was solely on pured shots that produced long and straight trajectory.

In fact, shots hit off of a tee were pure joy. But irons are mostly struck from the turf, of course. And in this case, mid-iron shots hit toward the toe stung, with a bit of a distance drop-off. But the short irons felt and performed terrific.

Another place where the iron excels: appearance. For this price, you expect elegant-looking clubs. And you get it. There are even vibrant gold accents in the cavity. At address, the club cleanly frames the ball. It’s average-sized with a thinnish top line.

XXIO Prime Iron

The sole, which is stepped to improve turf interaction by reducing the ground contact area of the trailing edge, extends back fairly deep on mid-irons, which mid-handicappers will probably find appealing.

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