Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron

Technical Editor Joel Tadman puts the Wilson Staff D7 Forged iron through its paces.

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

If you’re a golfer who wants to play a compact, soft-feeling iron without losing out on distance, the D7 Forged is an iron you should certainly consider in 2020.

Reasons to buy
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    An impressive all-rounder, achieving consistent carries with a soft, solid feel at impact.

Reasons to avoid
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    Perhaps lacks the wow factor other irons in this category possess.

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Review article and video - Technical Editor Joel Tadman puts the Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron through its paces. Watch the full review video here:

Wilson Staff D7 Forged Iron Review

Key Technology - Two rows of Power Holes incorporate a urethane-filled Power Chamber inside the head that flexes at impact while reducing vibration for a softer, more solid feel. - A more compact head, less offset, higher toe and thinner topline will suit the eye of the better player. - More aggressive Power Holes lower the CG to increase ball speed and launch.

Looks Players of different abilities will like the traditional, mid-size profile and shiny chrome finish. The slightly rounded leading edge makes it look like there’s more offset than there actually is.

GM Verdict The original D7 iron really impressed us with its super-fast ball speeds and monumental carry distances. The new D7 Forged offers more manageable distances and a sleeker look for the lower handicapper.

The 7-iron loft is 30.5°, so still fairly strong, but the performance we experienced should suit a wider spectrum of players. It achieves good distance, yes – an average carry of 173 yards – but on a very different ball flight than the D7.

With a narrower sole, it flights the ball considerably lower but with more spin – hovering just over the 6,000rpm mark – to keep it airborne and enhance the stopping power as well as control of the flight.

It naturally doesn’t feel as explosive as the D7, but the softer feel, along with the slimmer look, will appeal to the slightly better player seeking consistency. In fact, carry distances ranged from 171-177 yards on the Foresight GCQuad launch monitor with good accuracy – tight dispersion in both directions should help you find more greens.