Ping G Le2 Irons

In this Ping G Le2 irons review, Alison Root took to the course to put the performance claims to the test

Ping G Le2 Irons
Golf Monthly Verdict

For the majority of female golfers, those that have a slow to moderate swing speed, these irons provide excellent all-round performance with exceptional forgiveness throughout the set

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy to swing with exceptional levels of forgiveness and accuracy, producing a solid draw-bias flight.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    It’s personal preference, but impact sound may disappoint some players.

In this Ping G Le2 irons review, Alison Root took to the course to put the performance claims to the test

Ping G Le2 Irons Review

Ping’s G Le2 irons are designed with the same intention as the family of woods in the G Le2 range, and that is to allow women to swing the club faster for greater ball speed for more distance, as well as providing ultimate forgiveness for improved accuracy.

The magenta/silver colour scheme from the comfortable grip through to the shaft and down to the head is subtly feminine. Compared with its predecessor, G Le, the head is slightly smaller and lighter overall. These features combined with a chunky sole provide confidence-boosting irons, and we found them effortless to swing and super easy to pop the ball into the air. 

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The screw in the toe is a heavy tungsten weight and this is matched with a weight in the hosel to balance the club nicely. The lower and deeper centre of gravity of this clever weighting increase the MOI so there is less twisting at impact for maximum forgiveness. These irons do provide a get out of jail free card, as even mishit shots flew reasonably straight. 

By utilising Ping’s COR-Eye Technology, the deep top-rail undercut supports face flexing, and this did reward us with noticeably high-flying shots throughout the set, which is available 6-9, PW, UW, SW. Overall the feel of these clubs is excellent, and while the impact sound is distinctive, if a little dull, this was no reflection on the performance quality of the irons or our shots. 

It is also worth mentioning that for women who prefer to use hybrids in place of irons, there is the option to build this set to include 4, 5, 6 and 7 hybrids at the same price per club when purchasing a complete set. 

Ping has a reputation as custom-fitting leader, and while we tested irons with a lie angle based on a black colour code at standard length, Ping can tailor the crucial lie angle to suit your swing perfectly with any one of eight colour codes to help maximise potential and performance.