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The titanium muscle that first appeared on the MP-58 remains, but has been redesigned for the Mizuno MP-59 irons. The head looks slightly more compact at address, but there is still noticeably more forgiveness compared to the shallow cavity MP-53 models.

When placed up next to the new MP-69 blade, there is very little difference in topline. This will scare some, but there is more surface area on the Mizuno MP-59, which makes these look a fraction more forgiving.

Mizuno always deliver in the looks department. There are few sets of irons that will attract as much attention as these while sat in the bag. Another beautiful set from Mizuno.

We have always been big fans of the solid performance of the classic Dynamic Gold shaft by True Temper. They reward good swings with strong flights, which particularly helps distance control.

Mizuno has used the Golf Pride M21 grips for the Mizuno MP-59 irons. As you would expect, these offer a good blend of feel and stability that neatly complements the performance of the head itself.

Mizuno has forged a Titanium pad into the back of the head. This allows weight to be moved to the peripheries to aid forgiveness. It should also help to create a more solid feel through impact.

The back edge of the sole has been beveled down to help the head work through the turf more effectively. This should aid shot-making. The MP-59s also have less offset than the 58 model.


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The flight comes in at a happy medium – high enough for control when hitting into greens, but low enough to drive through the wind. The consistency was also impressive. Make no mistake, the Mizuno MP-59s are firmly aimed at the accomplished player. However, there is an element of forgiveness that most solid low-handicap golfers would benefit from As you would expect from such a classic-looking Mizuno iron, the 
feel through impact is superb. The Grain Flow forging process used by Mizuno makes these a joy to hit. While the distance is, in itself, not particularly impressive, it is the consistency that makes the Mizuno MP-59 excel. For those after more control of their shots, you will soon develop trust in these. PGA pro verdict Beautifully finished, the Mizuno MP-59 irons performed extremely well. The flight was consistent and the initial launch was high through the set. Headshape was excellent although this design was slightly ‘toe deep’ giving it a bulkier look. The blade was quite long, but this is ideal for the majority of players looking for a muscle-back with forgiveness. Off-centre strikes still flew well. (Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs)