Golf Monthly's Cobra King F6 irons review, billed as the ultimate progressive game improver set designed to help golfers achieve more distance as well as enhanced forgiveness

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Cobra King F6 irons


  • Consistently towering trajectories and a soft feel combine with a premium finish and easy alignment at address


  • The irons arguably lack the length from heel to toe game improvers would prefer


Cobra King F6 irons review


Price as reviewed:

£499.00 (steel, £599 graphite)

Clubhouse Golf

Cobra are billing the King F6 irons as the ultimate progressive set and that because there are four types of construction from long irons through the speciality wedges.

The system is called TECFLO (Technology Enhanced Cavity Feel Launch Optimisation) and it combines multiple technologies and advanced constructions to optimise the performance of every iron.

In the 3-5 irons, a full hollow design with a face insert delivers a low CG and a highly responsive face for easier to hit, higher flying long irons. The 6-7 irons are a half-hollow design, providing a thin face with discretionary weight for optimal CG positioning and more precise irons shots.

Cobra King F6 iron TECFLOIn the 8-PW, a cavity back design creates a low and back CG position that provides more spin and added control on scoring shots while the SW and GW are speciality muscle back wedges that offer added versatility and control around the greens.

They are aimed at the improving or part-time golfer that wants to hit better shots more easily and frequently and would like to hit the ball longer and straighter, from different strike locations across the face.

Down at address the Cobra King F6 irons boast a dark Nickel Chrome finish, which makes the white bottom score line on the face appear more prominent and helps align the face and frame the ball centrally. Traditional game improver design features like offset and thick top line feature, inspiring confidence before making a swing.

What becomes quickly apparent after a few swings is how easy the ball gets in the air, even on strikes slightly low on the clubface. This feature is combined with relatively low spin numbers (we experienced around the 5000 rpm average with the 30° 7-iron) leading to impressive carry distances in excess of 175 yards.

Cobra King F6 7-iron data

The consistency of the trajectory from each iron through the set is another redeeming feature, the full hollow construction of the long irons helping achieve a similar peak height to that of the under cut short irons, making control of distance more simple and predictable.

The specialty wedges are a versatile offering, unlike wedges that often appear as part of a game improver set, meaning golfers can be a little more creative with the shots that are required around the green. The muscleback construction also means they feel soft off the face.


This set of irons will offer the mid-to-high handicapper launch assistance and a soft feel while also looking superb in the bag. Creativity with the wedges in encouraged while extra help on the harder-to-hit long irons will also be well received. If you are considering upsizing to a more forgiving model, the King F6 should be on your test list.