The Golf Monthly test team reviews the Cleveland 588 hybrid

Product Overview

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  • One of the best-looking hybrid models on the market, the 588 manages to look compact at address without being intimidating. This is a difficult combination to achieve in hybrid clubs. The face sits square at address, which better players will appreciate, while the forgiveness on shots that miss the centre of the club will appeal to all golfers. The flight is lower than a lot of hybrid designs with similar lofts, which will suit those who struggle with a ballooning flight when using other hybrid heads. The sole performs well from tight lies, as well as from semi-rough.


  • Those really struggling with a low ball flight will need to opt for the 23 or 26-degree version to get the most out of the design.


Cleveland 588 Hybrid


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Cleveland 588 Hybrid Key Technology: 

A compact head with minimal offset. Variable face thickness technology is designed to create a powerful flight on strikes from the middle, and fast ball speeds on off-centre hits. The Gliderail sole features two rails to minimise drag and help the club cut through the turf. The head design and a sole plug move the centre of gravity low to help produce a higher launch.

Will suit… Players after a stylish, forgiving head design.


Hybrids have greatly enhanced the playability of the game, and this model is no different. It was easy to use and came in handy for all those tough long shots from both the fairway and rough. It gave a powerful flight, with greater yardage than I’d expected from the 20.5-degree model I tried. I also had great success when using it from fairway bunkers, thanks to the sole.