The Golf Monthly test team's Adams Blue irons and hybrids combo set review, featuring an Easy Launch System to help golfers get the ball in the air more easily

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Adams Blue combo set


  • A forgiving set offering distance and forgiveness as well as a high trajectory in a unique but classy finish


  • Fast swing speeds may find the ball balloons slightly, especially when hitting into the wind


Adams Blue irons and hybrids Combo set review


Price as reviewed:

£599.00 (steel, £699 graphite. 5-PW, includes two hybrids)

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Specs tested
Hybrid – 19°, 55g Aldila SlimTech stiff shaft; Irons – 5-PW, True Temper Dynalite SlimTech 85g stiff shaft.

Adams’ change of philosophy means that Blue is a new product line for the brand aimed at the game-improver and beginner

Address view aesthetics
In the irons, there are plenty of features on show that should boost the confidence of the improving golfer, such as the thick top line and offset. The straight leading edge and premium finish add to what is a superb looking golf club.

Shelf appeal
The fact these clubs are designed to work straight off the rack gives them immediate shelf appeal, and the stylish blue colour scheme only serves to make them even more eye-catching to the passer-by. The two-tone blue on top of the hybrid looks great, but also aids alignment.

Whether you opt for steel (85g) or graphite (55g) in the irons, you’re sure to experience a club that feels light and easy to swing. Adams’ SlimTech offerings found across the range become narrower towards the tip, creating more kick through impact and a higher launch – something that will help most golfers achieve more distance.

Head construction
An Easy Launch System comprises barbell-shaped Velocity slots to increase forgiveness and maintain ball speed on mishits, while a low and back CG position increases launch and spin. This keeps the ball in the air for longer – something newcomers to the game will really appreciate.

Head design
As well as the Easy Launch System, there’s also internal draw-biased weighting in the heads to help negate the slice. It was certainly easy to turn the ball over from right to left, which also helped increase total distance even further.

Not on offer here – Adams is keeping its clubs simple and not bamboozling golfers with technical jargon. Yes, there’s plenty of technology on offer in Blue, but you don’t need to tinker with multiple hosel settings or go through a full custom-fit session to experience the benefits.

One of the strongest assets for both the irons and hybrids. They’re large, but not overly so, and it felt like there was a lot of help from the clubhead to rescue a poor strike. Loss of distance and accuracy was minimal on slight mishits, meaning you’ll find more greens than you expected.

The lofts of the Blue irons are fairly traditional, which is surprising given how easy they are to launch. Most will experience a higher flight with more carry, except when hitting into a strong breeze, and distances were fairly consistent. The hybrids offer an easier-to-hit alternative to long irons.

Given how much technology is designed to increase launch, it was nice to see the ball not balloon up significantly, even with a faster-than-average swing speed. The ball goes higher, but without excessive spin, and the trajectory is still strong enough to achieve good carry. The hybrids provide exceptional stopping power into greens.

Impact sound and feel
The sound is quite nondescript, something many will see as a good thing – neither too loud or quiet through the hit. The feel from the middle was superb – firm but fast, like maximum power had been transferred from club to ball. The distances achieved proved this.

Full details…
The Adams Blue hybrid is available in four lofts of 19°, 21°, 23° and 25° at £129. The irons come as either a combination set including two hybrids and 5-PW at £599 steel, £699 graphite, or as just a 5-PW iron set at £399 steel, £499 graphite


A set designed perfectly with the improving golfer in mind, a must-try if you want more distance and forgiveness as well as a set that looks great in the bag