The Golf Monthly team brings you its Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT review, revealing all you need to know about this golf GPS device

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Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT


  • The addition of JOLT technology on the new Bushnell products is outstanding and offers reassurance that you have found the yardage to the flag. As with previous Tour V models this unit fits very comfortably in the hand and is excellent at picking up the intended target. It is undoubtedly a very solid all-round performer and it’s still easy to see why we have given special mentions in previous tests. Another impressive offering from a fantastic laser brand.


  • If you can afford to pay the extra money, the Tour Z6 model offers all of this and more in a compact package. The white colour means it can get grubby quicker than some of the other models in the Bushnell range.


Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT review


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Key technology: Bushnell Tour V3 JOLT review

Bushnell family of rangefinders incorporates new JOLT technology, which means the unit vibrates when the nearest object (usually the flag) is located. The Tour V3 model magnifies by five and can pick yardages up to 1,000 yards away and can pick up a flag from 300 yards and in. A newly designed unit, it should improve the fit and feel in the hand, and is also waterproof.


GM verdict: The Tour v2 was an outstanding product that remains an essential piece of kit for many players. Wisely, the new v3 uses similar styling and ergonomics, so that it still feels great in the hand. New JOLT technology is fantastic for reinforcing when you have found the closest target to you (normally the pin), and helps to speed up the process. This is a fine addition to the Bushnell line.But... although the holding pouch offers good protection, it isn't quite as user-friendly as the one on the Tour v2 model.PGA pro verdict:An excellent rangefinder that?s easy to operate and fits beautifully into the hand. I really liked the JOLT facility, which gives the user a small vibration through the unit when it locks on to the flag. It gives very fast readings and was a joy to use. The unit has a very striking design, and I?d recommend it to any golfer. Importantly, it's also waterproof. A top product.Test team rating:Performance: 5/5Visual appeal: 5/5Innovation: 5/5Value: 5/5Overall: 4.5/5