Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor Review

Mike Bailey took the latest portable launch monitor from Rapsodo, the MLM2PRO, out for a spin

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor Review
(Image credit: Mike Bailey)
Golf Monthly Verdict

A good value and easy to use, the Rapsodo MLM2 Pro is a great practice tool that provides accurate data and can double as a decent golf simulator.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Easy to set up

  • +

    Can be used indoors or outdoors

  • +

    Integrated video, including slow motion Impact Vision camera

  • +

    Works well as a simulator

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Spin and rotation metrics aren't a given

  • -

    Requires a membership after the first year to retain the best features

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Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor Review

If you've ever thought about putting together a home driving range setup or just need an easy-to-use mobile launch monitor to use in your practice sessions outdoors, the good news is that the best portable launch monitors keep on improving, and now many of them are pretty affordable. That's certainly the case with the new Rapsodo MLM2PRO launch monitor, which is a snap to set up and use, measures most everything you need, shows both 3-D and 2-D views, and comes in at just $699 retail.

The Rapsodo MLM2PRO can be placed snugly inside a protective case, which will easily fit inside a golf bag. The package also includes a cleverly designed tripod, a user manual, and a sleeve of specially-marked Callaway RPT Chrome X golf balls. The golf balls are meant mostly for indoor use in a net. You could fire them into a driving range, as well, but that would be an expensive proposition. The bottom line, however, is the only way to get spin metrics is to use these balls, which is why I would recommend getting some sort of golf net setup at a minimum with the MLM2PRO, just to get the spin rates and axis rotation numbers.

It also comes with a USB-C charging cord. It takes four hours to charge the built-in lithium ion battery, which will provide anywhere between two and four hours of use. 

Rapsodo mlm 2pro

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

The purchase of a Rapsodo MLM2PRO also includes a year of its Premium Membership, which provides access to 30,000 simulator courses and other special features like "Virtual Driving Range," and its unique "Impact Vision" camera, which is a major upgrade over the original Rapsodo Mobile launch monitor. (The MLM2PRO also works with android mobile devices, too, now instead of just IOS devices.) After the first year, Premium Membership is $199 annually.

Impact Vision is an extremely useful tool for anyone looking to analyze their own ball striking and make adjustments. In fact, that's one of two cameras on the sleek MLM2PRO, which is super easy to set up with its unique tripod that snaps into the place. The other wide angle "Shot-Vision'' camera will video your swing from behind and show the track of your shot, similar to what you see on TV during a tour event. And you can even add a third camera from your mobile device or tablet, giving you three different views. But let's get back to the Impact Vision camera for a moment.

rapsodo MLM2 Pro

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

At 240 frames per second, you can see the exact path of the clubhead - both into the ball and the path it takes afterwards - and exactly where it makes contact, whether it's high or low on the face, center, toward the heel, or toward the toe. It gives a clear picture of exactly what's happening with your shots, and it's certainly not offered by any other launch monitor priced anywhere near the Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Unfortunately, you can only see it right now in a review session, but it's still helpful. There are plans, however, to make it available during actual live sessions in a new update of the software.

To use the MLM2PRO, you simply download the new and improved Rapsodo app, register the unit, and connect your mobile device or tablet to the unit, which has a WiFi connection. You can also connect through a local WiFi network, which is required when using it simulation mode, but more on that in a moment.

Once you connect to the MLM2PRO, three different modes appear. The first is "Practice." You can take this to the range or use it with a net. But when using a net, the Callaway RPT (Rapsodo Precision Technology) balls are necessary to get accurate data because of the limited distance that the ball is traveling. On the range you can select range balls or premium balls, and also select your elevation for more accurate results.

Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

On the range, the MLM2 doesn't track the ball all the way to the end, but with a combination of Doppler Radar and the cameras, it does track it for a large portion of its ball flight to come up with the curvature and height of the shot. Among the data you get on the range is carry distance, clubhead speed, ball speed, and launch angle. It extrapolates total distance. 

The next mode is "Combines," which is a 24-shot test designed to determine a golfer's strengths and weaknesses. Co-designed with Sasho McKenzie, PhD, perhaps golf's leading biomechanist, the Combines section analyzes all your data and basically sets up a test at different yardages off the tee and on approaches to give you a good picture of your current abilities and what you need to work on to get better. The test takes around 15 to 20 minutes, and it can compare your skills to that of PGA Tour players and golfers at your handicap level.

rapsodo MLM 2 Pro

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

And finally, the third mode is "Simulation," which might be the real golden nugget here. If you just took the MLM2 and combined it with a net and an iPad, you could play thousands of courses, even your home course with the provided courses that come with membership. The details aren't mind-blowing, but each hole is accurate in terms of terrain and distances. Plus, it's likely your home course is on the list. I did that when I tried Memorial Park in Houston, and while it didn't exactly make me think I was there, I could definitely practice all the holes to prepare for playing the course.

For an additional purchase, you can also add Awesome Golf or E6 Connect, the latter of which will allow you to play some famous courses like Pebble Beach of Bandon Dunes in incredible detail. 

Finally, Rapsodo will soon be offering home simulator bundle packages so you can find everything you need, including a projection system, in one place. So if you've ever thought about turning part of your garage or a room into a golf simulator with a portable launch monitor, this might be your chance to do it without breaking the bank. 

Mike Bailey
Contributing writer

Mike has worked in the golf industry for nearly 30 years with full-time staff positions at publications and websites that include PGA Magazine, the Golfweek Group, and GolfChannel.com. He is currently writing for several different sites and magazines and serves as a contributing equipment writer for Golf Monthly, focusing on irons, shoes and the occasional training aid or piece of technical equipment. 

Mike has experienced a number of highlights in his career, including covering several Ryder Cups, PGA Championships and the Masters, writing instruction pieces and documenting the best places for golf travel for more than a decade.

Mike carries a 7.6 handicap index and has two hole-in-ones, the most recent coming in February 2022. A resident of Texas for more than 40 years, Mike plays out of Memorial Park Golf Course (home of the Houston Open on the PGA Tour).