Champkey Golf Swing Trainer Review

Designed to improve rhythm and tempo, is the Champkey Golf Swing Trainer the training aid you've been desperately searching for?

Champkey Swing Trainer review review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The Champkey swing trainer does an excellent job of grooving a smooth rhythm with gradual acceleration. It should also improve your timing, sequencing and swing plane as well as acting as an effective warm-up device.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Helps you feel the correct loading and release of the clubhead during the swing

  • +

    Can be stored in your golf bag

  • +

    Excellent value for money

Reasons to avoid
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    Regular use is key to stop falling back into old bad habits

  • -

    Instructions could have been more detailed

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Champkey Golf Swing Trainer Review

We’ve all heard these words from a playing partner, or something similar: “Your tempo is off.” Although your friend might not be a teaching pro, there’s a fair chance they could be right. It happens to all of us. Everyone, even the best players in the world, can struggle with rhythm and tempo, which is why you’ll often see them using golf swing training aids on the range.

Good rhythm is the foundation of a solid and effective swing. However, we’ve all been on the course where it’s felt like the swing is off. Often, it’s a case whereby we accelerate too soon from the top of the swing. Put simply, working with the Champkey Golf Swing Trainer, one of the best golf training aids on Amazon, will really help you to groove a good tempo and get used to the right ‘feels’.

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How the Champkey Swing Trainer comes out of the box

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As someone who’s no stranger to losing a bit of rhythm, I was looking forward to testing this training aid. Like others of its kind, you don’t have to head to the golf course to use it. I was straight into the back garden to have a swing, and you can even use it indoors should you have the room (be careful if you do that).

It uses a high traction rubber grip, flexible shaft and heavy silica gel head to improve your golf swing tempo and build your muscle strength. It takes time to get used to how it feels, but, with practice, you soon gain an understanding of how letting the body lead the downswing allows the heavy head to release at the correct moment as well as creating lag for extra power. It’s designed for golfers of all abilities, but I dare say that it will really help mid to high handicappers who tend to lose their tempo more frequently, especially in pressure situations, when often the swing becomes too quick and out of sync.

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For this type of golfer, a slice with the driver is a common occurrence. Rather than upgrading into one of the best drivers for slicers, the weighted ball on the Champkey Swing Trainer means the shaft naturally shallows onto the correct plane in the downswing, which should reduce the frequency of this destructive shot shape if you're able to transfer these feelings into your golf swing. 

Many a PGA professional will tell you that rhythm can be hard to teach, but the Champkey Swing Trainer can do a good job of grooving a smooth rhythm with gradual acceleration. It’s not something that’ll work overnight – unfortunately golf isn’t that simple – but over time it should improve your timing and the overall consistency of your swing.

Although the main objective of the Champkey Golf Swing Trainer is to help golfers improve their tempo, it can also be used to help build strength and flexibility. It’s also something that can be used before you tee off, to warm up and stretch the muscles. There are other similar training aids on the market. This one appears to be a less expensive version of the Orange Whip device used by many Tour players (we’re talking £40 versus £100, approximately). I certainly won’t be stowing this away at the back of the garage. This is a training aid that I intend to keep on using.  

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