Titleist TS4 Driver

Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests out Titleist's new TS4 driver

Titleist TS4 Driver Review
Golf Monthly Verdict

A fitting is a must to weigh up the pros and cons of TS4 against the other models to see if it is best for your game but if your strikes are consistent and excessive spin is limiting your distance, it could be your perfect match.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Delivers lower spin for the player that needs it. More compact profile enhances workability.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Off-centre strikes struggle to maintain distance and accuracy.

Golf Monthly's Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests out Titleist's TS4 driver to see how it compares with the other TS models

Titleist TS4 Driver Review

The TS4 is one of four models forming the TS driver range, making it one of the most expansive on the market. It is said to complement the TS2 and TS3 by being designed for anyone looking to significantly reduce their spin.

Driver Test: Titleist TS1 v TS4

This doesn’t necessarily mean just tour players with very high swing speeds. It could be anyone who hits down on the ball significantly, although the smaller size and more forward CG make the TS4 less forgiving and thus better suited to accomplished ball-strikers.

Key Technology

  • Every TS driver face undergoes a 100 per cent CT inspection to ensure speed performance is at the maximum allowable limit.
  • The aerodynamic, pear-shape design of TS4 allows golfers to swing faster for increased clubhead speed and more distance.
  • The low and forward CG position (5mm forward vs TS2) produces ultra-low spin for a piercing ball flight that is straighter and more consistent.

Looks It is much more compact behind the ball than the other TS models, promoting workability and the need to be precise with the strike. The glossy black finish on the crown adds to the premium appeal.


Our club speed with the TS4 was actually a little quicker than with the TS3, possibly because of the more streamlined, smaller chassis. Ball speeds with the TS4 were also faster on average as a result, but slightly less efficient because of the lower forgiveness on offer, meaning carry distances compared with TS3 were similar.

The TS4 was proven to be the lowest spinning of the TS drivers, although we only experienced a drop of around 50rpm compared with TS3 in like-for-like loft and shaft. In fact, overall performance between TS3 and TS4 was very similar. The TS4 also has a much shorter, quieter sound at impact than all the other TS models, which we definitely prefer.

The TS4 could well become the tour player’s top choice. The timing of the launch is questionable, as is the need for it at retail given the versatility of the TS3, but consistent ball-strikers may well enjoy looking down at the deeper-faced head and prefer the extra workability on offer. With some extra loft, the spin reduction could increase distance on centred hits, although off-centre strikes are likely to be more adversely affected than on TS3.