JPX825 driver

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Golf Monthy Senior Staff Writer Paul O'Hagan tests the Mizuno JPX825 driver

Mizuno JPX825
Golf Monthly Verdict

PGA pro verdict: The classic head design was striking and provided excellent performance. The loft seemed excessive for the 10.5˚ model that I tried, delivering a very high initial launch and flight. However, this made the club easy to control, and I’d recommend the JPX825 to players struggling to keep the driver straight. By Top 25 Coach John Jacobs Test Team Rating Performance - 4/5 Visual appeal - 4/5 Innovation - 3.5/5 Value - 4/5 Overall - 4/5

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1) Shaft options

The standard shaft is

the Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye, which cleverly produces a higher launch in regular flex, and keeps spin down in the firmer options for a strong flight.

2) Grip Standard

Tour Velvet option is understated and reliable. If you go through the Mizuno fitting process, you can select from a huge range of grips.


3) Head design

Thanks to a chemical etching process, the crown is thinned to a thickness of 0.5mm. This allows weight to be moved deep in the head to launch the ball high with little backspin.

4) Face design

A Forged 6-4 Ti face features two different thicknesses to make it hotter than previous designs. The

top edge is also more rounded to keep the face ‘alive' across a larger area, while the weighting is designed to produce a straight ball flight.


5)Shelf appeal

The all-black look is a big step up from the original JPX800, and brings the look up to date with some of the more eye-catching designs on the market. The combination of stealthy styling and weighting in the head to straighten up shots is a formula that will appeal to many.

6) Address

The black head and face make the driver look more compact than it actually is. The head also has a more triangular appearance at address than others.


7) Flight

High and straight, a combination that will be ideal for many golfers. We felt it worked well to straighten up cut shots.

8) Distance

On shots that find the centre of the club, and those that slightly miss it, the distance on offer is extremely consistent. Shots from the heel of the club maintain a solid flight particularly well, without the loss of too much length.

9) Forgiveness

The clever internal weighting makes this one of the most forgiving drivers out there. This is a superb achievement, especially from a head that retains a classic look.

10) Impact sound

An impressively solid sound and feel, without being spectacular. It's not an impact sound as sweet as the company's MP-650 driver, but it's not offensive, either.

Paul joined Golf Monthly in 2006 in a junior role and has since worked as senior staff writer and now as technical editor. He writes equipment and instruction content and tests the vast majority of golf clubs that are introduced every year.