Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Ball Review

We tested out this budget ball from Wilson and the distance was dynamo

Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Ball Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

Wilson are heroes when it comes to distance balls and the Tour Velocity really packs a punch in the yardage stakes

Reasons to buy
  • +

    It really delivers eye popping distance.

  • +

    Very affordable 15 in a pack so you do get bang for your bucks

  • +

    Great distance and hugely beneficial if extra yardage is what you're after

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    This feels very firm around the greens especially off the putter face

  • -

    Only available in white

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Wilson Velocity Distance Golf Ball Review

On first impressions there are a lot of balls in the box! 15 to be exact. Value wise you can’t grumble one bit especially looking at our best distance balls guide most brands give you just the 12. 

This ball definitely went further thanks to a solid Ionomer cover with aerodynamic dimple pattern. These balls don’t mark up easily, even when the odd cart path was used to launch it a bit further it still looked as new. Just so as long as you keep it on the straight and narrow you’ll find they last round after round. Impressive durability.

The dimple pattern has been enhanced  to delivery a very satisfying trajectory: as a high ball hitter I found many of my drives really punched lower through the air and therefore clocked up the yardage.

This ball boasts a lower compression (70) meaning there’s a bit more control to be had about the greens. But talking of this I found it a touch firm for my own taste. I’d usually prefer a softer connection off the putter face which I get from the Titleist Pro V1x I'm used to playing with. The Wilson line around the ball was a handy alignment tool.

 I found the chipping took a bit of getting used to as the ball came off the face hotter, it didn’t bite as much on shots where I'd usually expect more grab on the green. As with any new ball I’d recommend practicing with anything relating to distance control to get to grips with anything shorter than a full shot. 

The spin was satisfactory with my wedge play but anything longer didn’t stop as fast I’m used to so I did find myself at the back of the green (if I hadn't airmailed it in the first place). This wasn’t just down to lack of spin, this ball really does go long!! Club wise I’d need to go down at least one with it and anticipate it running onto the green rather than assume the brakes will be applied!! 

If you were someone who practiced with your own bag of balls, the durability and satisfying distance these offer would make them a good practice bag filler. Especially as you get a lot for your money. These last.

A great, affordable distance ball but definitely catering for the recreational golfer rather than a lower handicapper. If you are after an all round ball that's a bit softer check out our guide to best value golf balls. You'll find your fit, though the Wilson Tour Velocity may well be the ball for you.

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